The visionary design of each goaltender mask in the ARMORI STEELE collection embodies all that inspires us: ingenuity, art, power & passion.

We unified our love for hockey with our love for art and luxury. Each distinct detail matters.

Employing meticulously handpicked diamonds, 24 karat pure gold, precious gemstones and authentic Swarovski crystals, each hockey helmet is hand painted and handcrafted in Montreal. Every masterpiece is immaculate and unparalleled.

Reminiscent of an emperor’s armor, refined finesse meets brute force. For the triumphant individual who seeks the highest level of distinction, we proudly present to you ARMORI STEELE: The world’s most luxurious goalie mask collection.

Reminiscent of an Emperor’s Armor,
refined finesse meets brute force

The Prestige Collection

The Prestige Collection officially celebrates our openings into the world of Luxury goalie mask creation. We pushed our wildest imaginings and mask crafting abilities to never seen before heights. Holding back at nothing, The Prestige Collection unites traditional hand-painted art, technological ingenuity and jewelry craftsmanship in order to create the most prestigious, most elitist, most elegant goalie mask collection the world has ever experienced.

Inspired by the recent Winter Olympic Games, tribute is paid to the great heroes and nations that fueled the globe’s fervour. The Prestige Collection is an extremely rare and sacred collection. Like the three coveted Olympic medals, only three pieces of each collector’s item will ever be created.

Personalized Creations

ARMORI STEELE allows you to immortalize your milestones. If you wish to commemorate your unique life events or simply add a timeless collection piece to your home, it is possible to do so through our Personalized Creations division. ARMORI STEELE customized creations are also a perfect way to crown a promotion, an engagement, or an anniversary. This is a gift that will last forever. Whatever your heart desires, whichever precious stones you covet. Tell us about your design ideas and together we will craft your masterpiece.

Every ARMORI STEELE collection piece comes with complimentary:
  • Heavyweight glass case, with handcrafted cherry wood base and mirror, provided by Ultra Pro Display Series.
  • Glass case protects against UV damage
  • Large black microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Lightweight inspection gloves designed for stainless glass and jewelry handling
  • 10 x sealed 24 pts- Deluxe collector’s hockey cards detailing the mask picture and specifications
Total Project Value:
  • Opening project amount starts at $7,000 USD
  • Subject to shipping, customs fees and applicable taxes
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An unsurpassed aspiration for fame.
Glory. Distinction and Victory.

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For general inquiries, acquisition, retailing, press coverage,
auctions or charity events, feel free to contact:
(514) 231-3931

For general inquiries, acquisition, retailing,
press coverage, auctions or charity events,
feel free to contact:
(514) 231-3931